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Adrift: upcycled capsule

The Adrift collection takes offcuts of sailing rope used across the State of Escape product range, and gives it new life.

As a certified B Corporation, innovation in materials and fabrication is close to our heart. After identifying surplus inventory in sailing rope, iconically used in the construction of the State of Escape product range, Creative Director Brigitte MacGowan became committed to finding a design solution – and a way of integrating the beauty and functionality of rope into product more prevalently.  

The result is Adrift, a capsule of elevated, sophisticated accessories handcrafted in Queensland, Australia, from 100% State of Escape upcycled sailing rope; a single bag made from a single length of excess rope, showcased in all its beauty. The quality and utility is exemplary - the same technique and materials are used to manufacture high performance technical ropes for industrial and maritime applications, including the famed Sydney to Hobart yacht race - affording each creation longevity, which is fundamental to both our design and sustainability philosophies.  
Given the use of upcycled materiality, the Adrift collection is bespoke and limited edition in nature, based on surplus rope inventory on hand. Whilst our first and most recent range is sold out, we look forward to launching new capsules of colour in the near future.
“In our tenth anniversary year, the introduction of Adrift as a collection that celebrates sailing rope - a signature of State of Escape - in its entirety is meaningful in a multitude of ways, not least as an evolved offering to our contemporary woman, who we note is becoming increasingly conscious of sustainable operations – an expectation that as a business we are most willing to meet”.
- Brigitte MacGowan and Desley Maidment