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Downtime in Los Cabos
Explore Los Cabos with Australian creative director and State of Escape collaborator, Clare Stephens.

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What wellness routine do you take on holiday with you?

Allowing space for unstructured time to discover my surroundings, taking loads of photographs and doing lots of walking. And also some form of digital detox, be it the phone or laptop. I have two young kids, so if I can fit some quality sleep in that's always nice too :)

How do you balance your work/personal life?

I work across multiple time zones so I need to have a flexible schedule, but ultimately it comes down to managing my time, good communication and making sure I allow some time to move each day. As a creative it’s also really important to feed your creative engine. It’s different for everyone, but I love to watch films, visit galleries and open studios, and collaborate with my partner.

Must have travel essential for your holiday?

My Leica camera is my ultimate travel essential. As well as a good book or podcast, every form of sunscreen I can fit in my bag, a big straw hat and my State Of Escape Compass so I can get about with my hands free!

Where is your most favourite place in the world to reset and unwind?

LA is such a vast and busy city, so you spend a lot of time in the car. Anywhere remote and quiet is where I go to reset. I recently visited Los Cabos in Mexico – It’s such a beautiful part of the world, where the pace is slower; the ultimate contrast to LA life. But, if I had to pick one place, nothing compares to being with my family on the South Coast of New South Wales during the Australian summer. There's something magical about the Australian coastal landscape, it really grounds me.

What does finding escape in the everyday mean to you?

It’s the quieter moments that collectively shape my life. An early morning walk, the first cup of tea of the day, being in a creative space, or listening to records while the sun sets over LA (no sunset is ever the same).

Explore Los Cabos with Australian creative director and State of Escape collaborator, Clare Stephens.

Images by Clare Stephens


Images by Clare Stephens | @clare_steve