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Musings: Polina Sova

Meet Polina, a multi-hyphenate creative who recently travelled with us from Melbourne to Byron Bay, New South Wales.

To escape is not just to travel, it's something deeper and far more personal. We all escape in our own unique ways and as it follows we gleaned some insight into the mind of our creative muse, Polina Sova, when we asked her on the set of our recent campaign shoot: 'what does escape mean to you?'.


Please introduce yourself – who are you and where are you right now?

My name is Polina Sova, I am a mother, traveler, model and photographer in this order. I just arrived back to Bali where our family is based after an amazing two months in my favourite, Melbourne.


Can you share something about you that is truly unique?

I speak 4 languages. My mother tongue Russian, Norwegian - where I grew up, Indonesian - where I live now and English to sing out loud to The Temper Trap ;).


How would your friends describe you?

I hope funny.


I find escape in the everyday by…

Looking into my baby boy's face. I melt, and so do all troubles.

"I find escape in the everyday by looking into my baby boy's face. I melt, and so do all troubles."

How did you get into photography?

When I started modeling and traveling, I took photos as memories and to show my friends and family.


What/who is your favourite subject matter to capture on camera?

I love documentary style, when I’m on a trip. To be honest, old men living their best lives are my favourite subject. They just have the perfect amount of class, personality and nonchalance.


Where is your favourite place to be, when the sun is setting on the day?

Oh I have a few! The Red Lake at Tallows Beach in Byron Bay. The city beach in the marina in central Oslo. My mom’s forest in Sweden. Towpath cafe on the canal in East London.


I like to remind myself that…  

People are not in my head and may not always understand my ramble; I need to be better at explaining myself.

Do you have any wellness practices that help to restore balance in your life?

A sobering psychology podcast always puts things in perspective.


Do you have any trusted travel tips, for either when you’re in transit or on the ground in a new destination?  

Book a longer layover, leave your bags at the airport and head into town. Have a mini adventure on the way to your adventure.


Is there a tale of a memorable meal from your travels – whereabouts was it and what made it memorable?

My routes around new places are always food-centric. I always travel with a long list of recommendations from friends. Recently the one that left an imprint is Moonfish in Albert Park, Melbourne. I wasn’t a hand roll kind of girl, but this place converts.


Where do you hope to travel to next?

Oh gosh, I am obsessing over the thought of Saudi Arabia and what it has to offer.


In one word, what state of mind, or state of being, do you seek?